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About Don Troiani

Don Troiani is the leading Civil War, and Revolutionary War, artists. He is acclaimed to be the historical artist of our time. His hand signed and numbered limited editions have been collected by many important and famous individuals. Known for his highly realistic oil and water color paintings, Don has established himself as a prominent artist of both the American Revolution and American Civil War. His uncanny method of painting utilizing models wearing his own collection of original uniforms, he also is very particular in bringing his paintings to life, by carefully studying weather conditions, structures and other components of the day.

In 1995 The United States Mint commissioned him to design commemorative coins depicting Civil War Battlefields. You can see Don’s work displayed at The U.S. Army War College, The National Civil War Museum, Parks of Canada and The U.S. Army Center of Military History.

We have been an authorized Don Troiani Art Gallery for nearly 40 years, and have had about 14 gallery shows with Don both here in NC and in our last location in NJ. We have in stock many of his collectible fine art prints, both new and secondary or ‘SOLD OUT’ prints.

If you should like further information, please call The Framing Fox Art Gallery at 252-635-6400 or email us at framingfox@me.com

More on Don Troinani
"Artist Marches to Own (Military) Beat — Don Troiani," New York Times (November 17, 2002.)
"An Armchair Commander," Los Angeles Times (January 2, 2004.)
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"Boy Colonel" - by Don Troiani The Boy Colonel
Our Price: $595.00
"Presenting the Colors" - by Don Troiani Presenting The Colors
Our Price: $250.00
"Southern Cross" by Don Troiani Southern Cross
Our Price: $695.00
"Southern Steel" - by Don Troiani Southern Steel
Our Price: $1,295.00
"Brothers of Ireland" by Don Troiani Brothers Of Ireland
Our Price: $595.00
"Sons Of Erin" by Don Troiani Sons Of Erin
Our Price: $795.00
"Lone Star" by Don Troiani Lone Star
Our Price: $995.00
"Old Jack" - by Don Troiani Old Jack
Our Price: $575.00
"Emblems Of Valor" - by Don Troiani Emblems of Valor
Our Price: $395.00
"The Last Salute" - by Don Troiani The Last Salute
Our Price: $1,295.00
"Don't Give An Inch" - by Don Troiani Don't Give An Inch
Our Price: $395.00
JEB Stuart
Our Price: $875.00
"Men Of Arkansas" - by Don Troiani Men Of Arkansas
Our Price: $675.00
"Until Sundown" - by Don Troiani Until Sundown
Our Price: $995.00
The Soldiers Tribute
Our Price: $675.00
"Toward The Angle" by Don Troiani Toward the Angle
Our Price: $775.00
"Bayonet" - by Don Troiani Bayonet
Our Price: $675.00
"Steady On The Colors" Steady On The Colors
Our Price: $450.00
"Put The Boys In" by Don Troiani Put The Boys In
Our Price: $450.00
"The First Battle Flags" by Don Troiani First Battle Flags
Our Price: $275.00
"Forward The Colors" - by Don Troiani Forward the Colors
Our Price: $1,275.00
"Jackson Is With You" by Don Troiani Jackson Is With You
Our Price: $495.00
"Eve Of The Storm" by Don Troiani Eve Of The Storm
Our Price: $495.00
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